Syllabus update – As I said before, things are a little ‘up in the air’ at the moment.

However, I have arranged the first month of meetings to get things moving.

3/9/21                   MEET AND GREET, come along and have a chat, tea or coffee and probably a bit of cake?

10/9/21                MOTORSPORT PHOTOGRAPHY.  Dave Cundy  How, and how not to, take this genre of photography (CANCELLED).

17/9/21                SHOW AND TELL.   I’m asking all of you, where possible, to bring along your images, and show and tell is about them, where, when, why, etc….

24/9/21                FIRST DPI COMPETITION.   This time, we’re going to have all of us judging. There will be judges later on, I promise!

I intend to help so we can have Zoom meetings at the club so we can have speakers from further afield. At the moment, I am awaiting confirmation that the internet system has been improved at the hall.


Dave Dedman.