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Southend Photographic Society


On Friday 17th October we had an evening presented by Trevor Stoneman on the subject of light and lighting.

This was an excellent evening and described how little equipment was needed to get some really good in door portraits.

Using nothing more than a camera and window a chair and perhaps a copy of the Telegraph, Trevor demonstrated the technique.

Those of you who were there will know what it was all about, those who were not, missed a very good evening.

Towards the end of the evening Trevor set up a single light, to simulate the light coming in from a window showed how to position the subject and Chris took the following images. Some with the use of a reflector, some without (if no reflector, try a copy of the Telegraph) the difference can be clearly seen.

These images are shown below, they have only been converted from raw to jpeg, resized plus added a 1px white border.